Your Business Partner

About us

TrueKnowledge is the best partner to promote growth and strengthen the competitive model in the insurance business. We have professionals with more than 20 years of experience in this sector, in different markets! 

Our mission is to provide specialized advice, focusing on the client. 

We give support in the implementation of personalized solutions, from strategy, design and planning, to picking the right solution, managment and execution of functional testing and applicational support.


  • Identification of the best strategy for the implementation of new business ideas.
  • Design of new functionalities and insurance products based on the
    company's software/application.
  • Identification of business requirements according to the client's needs.
Design and Configuration
  • Design and configuration of new insurance products.
  • Analysis and optimization of existing products
Client Support
  • User support on working with the application.
  • Management and solution of incidents.
  • Assisting on database recovery and actualization after an incident or product reformulation.
  • Training on product configuration and working with the application.
  • Workshops to capacitate users with the best practices for working with the solution.
Software Development
  • Analysis and software development apropriate to your business technology.
  • User support during the execution of system tests and acceptance tests.
  • Execution of integration tests, system tests and acceptance tests.
  • Creation and documentation of batteries of tests.
  • Documentation of processes.
  • Documentation of product configuration.
  • Creation of user guides.

  • Consulting on projects, focusing on the business areas and sofware solutions, by assisting the management team in making the best decisions, such as:
  • Implementing new aplicational modules.
  • Implementing legal norms, such as IFRS 17 and Solvency II
  • Client base/portfolio migration between applications.